Modelling Health: reporting behaviour and misclassification using survey data

Funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant.

Research Team

Sarah Brown
Mark Harris, Curtin University, Australia
William H Greene, New York University, US
Pratima P Srivastava, RMIT, Australia


The project looks at Empirical models based on how large scale survey data sets are used by health economists to inform policymakers. However, in the case of sensitive topics, a potential for survey misreporting may lead to inaccurate estimates of aberrant behaviours. To date, little work has been done analysing the extent and consequences of inaccurate reporting, especially within health economics. By addressing areas where potential for misinformation is high, the overall quality of results will be enhanced. This research will be submitted to highly ranked health economics and econometrics journals to be made available to relevant policymakers intent on ensuring a healthy society.

Project Outputs

A New Formulation for Latent Class Models