Fulfilling Lives: supporting people with multiple and complex needs, evaluation and learning


Research Team

Steve McIntosh
Jennifer Roberts
Tim Vorley (Sheffield University Management School)


In collaboration with Tim Vorley of the Management School and CFE Research, anindependent not-for-profit company specialising in providing research and evaluation services across a broad field of education, employment and skills (cfe.org.uk), we have been commissioned by the BIG Lottery Fund to deliver an evaluation and learning package as part of their ‘Fulfilling Lives’ Programme.

‘Supporting People with Multiple and Complex Needs’ is a £100million investment in 12 areas of England to improve the lives of individuals experiences at least two of; homelessness, reoffending, problematic substance misuse and mental ill health. The programme aims to improve the stability, confidence and capability of people with multiple and complex needs to lead better lives as a result of timely, supportive and coordinated services so that they spend less time in prison, reduce their drug abuse, are in stable accommodation and have better mental health.

The evaluation and learning package is a £2.4m longitudinal formative evaluation which seeks to: track the success of projects; identify what works well, for whom and in what circumstances; share learning and improve practice; and influence policy. Delivery of the evaluation and learning package started in March 2013 and will run for approximately nine years.

More details of the project can be found on its website  http://mcnevaluation.co.uk/