Digital Disruption and Economic Measurement



Professor Diane Coyle (University of Manchester)


InstEAD Annual Lecture 2017
Thursday 23 March 2017, 5:00pm – 6:15pm

Lecture Theatre 1, Sir Henry Stephenson Building, the University of Sheffield

Rapid digital developments are changing how gross domestic product (GDP) is currently defined, creating a gap between what we measure and what we care about, i.e. economic welfare. In this lecture Diane Coyle will discuss how to shift from GDP being the standard measurement that determines policy to something that better reflects economic welfare.


Diane Coyle is founder of the consultancy Enlightenment Economics, specialising in the economics of new technologies. She was previously Vice Chair of the BBC Trust (to April 2015), a member of the Migration Advisory Committee (2007-2012) and the Competition Commission (2001-2009). She was Economics Editor of the Independent to 2001, with previous jobs in HM Treasury and DRI Europe. Furthermore she is the author of numerous books, most recently GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History, The Economics of Enough, and The Soulful Science (all Princeton University Press).

Her research interests are in economic statistics. The digital economy. New technology markets, including research on mobile telephony and the internet in the developing world. Public policy.


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