Exploring the Social and Economic Effects of Digital Hyperconnectivity

Tuesday 19th June 2018, 09:15am – 17:00pm.
ICOSS Building, University of Sheffield, 219 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP


Following policy-maker interest and international media coverage on InstEAD research into the negative causal effects of social media use on children and young people’s happiness, this workshop “Exploring the Social and Economic Effects of Digital Hyperconnectivity” explores some of the broader socioeconomic consequences of digital expansion. This one-day workshop brings together leading multidisciplinary researchers – experts in the social and economic effects digital technology has across society – to generate new insights, critical debate, and academic collaboration into the socioeconomic consequences of our digital future. As well as a greater understanding of the risks and benefits of our path to digital hyperconnectivity, participation in this interdisciplinary workshop will both highlight and generate opportunities for collaborative research and knowledge production in digital society research. This workshop is organised and hosted by the Institute for Economic Analysis of Decision-making (InstEAD), at the University of Sheffield.


Professor Helen Margetts, Professor of Society and Internet, Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford.

Photo of Helen Margetts

Helen Margetts is Professor of Society and the Internet at the University of Oxford. She is a political scientist specialising in digital governance and politics, investigating political behaviour and institutions in the age of the internet, social media and data science. She has published over a hundred books, articles and policy reports in this area, including the recent book Political Turbulence: How Social Media Shape Collective Action (Princeton University Press), which won the Political Studies Association W.J.Mackenzie prize for best politics book of 2017. She is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Policy and Internet, Director of the Public Policy Programme and a Turing Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science, and a member of the UK government’s Digital Economy Council. Professor Margetts joined Oxford in 2004 from University College London where she was UCL’s first Professor in Political Science and Director of the School of Public Policy. She has a BSc in Mathematics (Bristol), and an MSc in Politics & PhD in Government (LSE).


Workshop Programme 2018 (197KB)


Speaker Presentations

Emmanouil Tranos – Online social media: a knowledge resource for SMEs? (PDF 261KB)

Helena Webb – Digital Wildfires, hyper connectivity and the responsible governance of social media (PDF 749KB)

Luca Stella – Does Broadband Internet Affect Fertility? (PDF 841KB)

Helen Margetts – Collective action in the social media age (PDF 1,882KB)

Dan Mercea – Partisan Campaign Communication on Twitter: Evidence from The Brexit Referendum (PDF 1,490KB)

Chris Birchall – (ARTIFICAL) ITELLIGENCE – Measurement, Metrics and Meaning within Digitally Mediated Lives (PDF 989KB)

Emily McDool – Social Media Use and Young People’s Wellbeing (PDF 1,253KB)



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