A woman eating an apple; hands holding a model house and money; a homeless man ignored by passers-by


About InstEAD

InstEAD aims to facilitate research which deepens our understanding of the behaviour and decision-making of individuals and households.

How does one person decide whether to invest in a pension? Attend a university? Make healthy or unhealthy lifestyle choices? How do these decisions affect the finances and well-being of their family? If whole sectors of society take similar decisions, how does this impact on trends in economics, health and social cohesion across a nation?

At InstEAD we bring together leading international researchers in areas such as behavioural economics, economic psychology, and health economics and labour economics. Their work helps to enhance our understanding of how individuals and households across a range of countries make decisions and how they respond to their economic and financial environment.

InstEAD explores individual and household behaviours in three distinct yet inter-related main areas:

  • household finances, social mobility and poverty
  • health and lifestyle
  • the labour market, including retirement and pension decisions.

InstEAD aims to generate fresh insights into economics, as well as practical ideas that can improve policymaking and make a positive impact in the world. Explore these pages to discover more about our work. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter to keep in touch. Join the discussion, attend an event.

InstEAD is a research institute based in the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield.