Seven InstEAD researchers and research affiliates presented at the Royal Economic Society (RES) Annual Conference in Bristol 10-12 April 2017.

Dr Philip Powell presented a research paper ‘Social Media Use and Young People’s Wellbeing’ co-authored with Dr Emily McDool, Professor Jennifer Roberts and Profesor Karl Taylor.

The research had been reported in the Guardian, the Times and the Mail on Sunday prior to the conference.

Read the blog post ‘More time spent online makes children less happy with their lives’ on the Department of Economics research blog.

Dr Emily McDool presented her research ‘The Effect of Primary Converter Academies on Pupil Performance’.

Read the blog post on this research ‘Primary pupils test scores improve more at schools that convert to academies’.

Dr Daniel Gray presented research with Professor Sarah Brown, Professor Pulak Ghosh and Dr Bhuvanesh Pareek (Indian Institute of Management) and Professor Jennifer Roberts ‘Saving Behaviour and Biomarkers: A High-Dimensional Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data’.

Read a press briefing on this research ‘Poor health hits you in your savings account: Evidence that people with high BMI, bigger waists or diabetes save less’.

InstEAD Director of Research Dr Gurleen Popli presented a paper ‘A Dynamic Analysis of Skill Formation and NEET Status’.

Dr Anita Ratcliffe presented her research ‘The Impact of the London Bombings on the Well-being of Adolescent Muslims’.

InstEAD co-director Professor Sarah Brown presented her research with Dr Daniel Gray, Professor Mark Harris (Curtin University) and Dr Christopher Spencer (Loughborough University) ‘Portfolio Allocation, Background Risk and Households’ Flight to Safety’

Dr Alberto Montagnoli presented research with Dr Daniel Gray and Dr Mirko Moro (University of Stirling) ‘Does Education improve Financial Outcomes? Quasi-experimental Evidence from Britain’.



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