Gurleen PopliInstEAD Director of Research Dr Gurleen Popli was a panel member at the Government Statistical Service Conference “Pioneers: on the forefront of statistics and data science” on the 22nd – 23rd November 2017. Gurleen participated in the panel discussion “Statistical Literacy” to an audience of statisticians from the Government Statistical Services, and stressed on the need to provide context to the statistics.


InstEAD Co-Director Professor Sarah Brown participated in the Centre for Economic Policy Research/Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Roundtable on Wednesday 29th November 2017.

Sarah participated in the session on ‘Weak Wage Growth and the Labour Market’ and discussed sectoral differences in wages and productivity as well as structural changes in the labour market affecting labour supply .


Ian Gregory-SmithInstEAD affiliate Dr Ian Gregory-Smith was invited to provide an overview of his work in the field of sports economics to the Economics society at Lancaster University Management School on 1st November 2017. Ian demonstrated a methodology which allows the inference of productivity in the National Football League (NFL) by analysing injuries to star players. Additionally, discussions were held over the extent and importance of competitive balance in sporting contests and the potential for biased decision making from sports officials.


Jenny RobertsInstEAD co-director Jennifer Roberts has written a piece for the Economic Review on the economics of healthcare. The Economic Review (Hodder Press) is a publication aimed at A-level Economics students and the article analyses the complicated system of universal health care provision in the UK using basic economic principles. These pieces aim to illustrate the real world applications of economics and encourage A-level students to go on to further study


Jenny RobertsInstEAD co-director Jennifer Roberts was an invited to give a seminar at the University of York on social media use and children’s wellbeing on 8th November 2017. This follows a string of exposure for her paper on the topic, co-authored with InstEAD colleagues, which showed that children who spend more time social networking online feel less happy with their lives, and the effects are worse for girls.