Workshop: The role of “soft skills” in life outcomes of children and young people

Tuesday 14th June 10.00am – 4.50pm

The Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS), the University of Sheffield

‘Soft skills’, such as emotional intelligence, social/interpersonal skills, and sense of agency are increasingly being identified as important factors in explaining various life outcomes; these include (mental and physical) health outcomes directly, and outcomes, that then affect health indirectly, including educational achievements, earnings, subjective wellbeing, and a variety of risky behaviours (crime, drug abuse and alcohol consumption etc.). The available evidence indicates that while the foundations for soft skills develop during early life, they remain malleable over the life cycle.  Therefore, research that focuses on soft skills – their measurement, outcomes, and development –is likely to be particularly important in shaping an effective public policy agenda in this area.  This workshop is an interdisciplinary collaboration, which will provide an interactive platform for active researchers and policy-makers, from a range of backgrounds and institutions, with an interest in child development and soft skills.

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We are grateful to the Wellcome Trust for funding and supporting this event.

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Download the full programme – The role of “soft skills” in life outcomes of children and young people (556KB)

The workshop will include the following keynote speakers:

Leon_Feinstein_100x150Professor Leon Feinstein, is the Director of Evidence at The Early Intervention Foundation and a visiting professor at the London School of Economics Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion.  He previously worked at the Cabinet Office’s Implementation Unit as chief analyst and at the Treasury’s Performance and Reform Unit. His work has largely focused on the importance of early intervention in child development.

Professor Barbara Maughan, is a Professor of Developmental Epidemiology at the Social, Genetic, and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, at Kings College London. Her research focuses on mental health problems in children and adolescents, and antisocial behaviour among adolescent and youths.

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