Workshop: Educational Choices in Further and Higher Education

Monday 22 June 2015
Humanities Research Institute (HRI)

Choices about the educational route we follow represent some of the most important decisions we have to make, as they can fundamentally alter the paths our lives will take.  The aim of this workshop is to gather a range of speakers whose research provides important information that can help make these decisions.  The speakers will discuss factors such as the labour market impacts of different qualifications, in terms of the jobs that they lead to and the wages earned, the costs of studying, the type of learning and the skills acquired within different educational programmes, which can all influence the decision whether to participate or not in a particular educational programme.

Download the full programme – Educational Choices in Further and Higher Education

The workshop will include the following keynote speakers:

Photo of Prof Alison WolfProfessor Alison Wolf is the Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College London, and sits as a cross-bench peer in the House of Lords. She is widely known for her extensive research on education, particularly vocational education, and its impact on labour market outcomes.  In 2011 she wrote the influential Wolf Review of Vocational Education for the Secretary of State for Education.

Photo of Prof Lorraine DeardenProfessor Lorraine Dearden is Director of the Education Sector at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and is also Professor of Economics and Social Statistics at the Institute of Education (IoE), University London.  She has written extensively on the impact of education and training on labour market outcomes, both in academic papers and many government reports.

Download presentations


Alison Wolf, King’s College London – ‘To those that have, it shall be given: the past, present and future of post-compulsory education funding’ (PDF, 1.4MB)

Lynn Gambin, University of Warwick – ‘Employer and learner engagement in apprenticeships: the case of higher apprenticeships in accounting’ (PDF, 1.5MB)

Craig Holmes, University of Oxford – ‘Job upgrading, job competition and the expansion of higher education in the UK’ (PDF, 556 KB)