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Prof Michelle Ryan

InstEAD seminar

Professor Stephane Hess (University of Leeds)

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Lecture Theatre 2, Sir Henry Stephenson Building

Hybrid choice modelling: reflections on theory and practice and applications to back pain and intravenous antibiotic treatment

A key interest in modelling choices in a health context is the representation of differences in preferences across individual decision makers. While a substantial share of these differences can generally be explained on the basis of socio-demographic characteristics and current and past health conditions, some additional unexplained heterogeneity is likely to remain. In recent years, analysts have sought to link at least part of this heterogeneity to underlying attitudes and perceptions, often with the use of hybrid choice models. This presentation discusses both the advantages and pitfalls of these models and highlights some common issues with misspecification and misinterpretation of results. The methodological points are illustrated through two case studies, one looking at the treatment of back pain and the other at patients’ preferred options for intravenous antibiotic delivery.

Stephane is Professor of Choice Modelling in the Institute for Transport Studies and Director of the Choice Modelling Centre at the University of Leeds.

InstEAD seminar

Dr Thomas Cornerlissen (University of York)

Wednesday 6 December 2017


InstEAD Annual Lecture

Professor James Banks (University of Manchester and IFS)

Thursday 1 March 2018


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