Dr Alberto Montagnoli and Dr Daniel Grey will be presenting separate research into the relationship between finance and wellbeing at the Italian Economic Association (Società Italiana degli Economisti) annual conference in Naples on Friday 23 October 2015.

Alberto MontagnoliAlberto will be presenting his research Everybody Hurts: the nonmonetary effects of the banking crisis which explores the impact of banking crises on subjective wellbeing in Europe for the period 1980-2011. The research findings suggest that financial crises add a non-negligible non-monetary cost to individual well-being, above and beyond that which can be attributed to losses of personal income, job and GDP and increasing inflation and unemployment rates.

Daniel is presenting his research Household Finances and Well-Being: An Empirical Analysis of Comparison Effects.  The research finds that in addition to the households own financial position, as measured by the household’s levels of net wealth, total assets and total debts, the financial position of households in a specified comparison group is an important determinant of an individual’s level of overall life satisfaction and financial well-being.

The authors hope to share their research with the academic community and receive valuable feedback to further develop their research.



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